2015 Meet Fritz and Lotte Buff

2015 Meet Fritz and Lotte Buff

Holocaust Survivors Honored at Charles E. Smith Life Communities

Fred and Lotte Buff, 2015 BrunchOn May 13, 1939, Fred (Fritz) Buff boarded the ship S.S. St. Louis in Hamburg, one of more than 900 Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany with the expectation of arriving safely in Havana, Cuba. The eighteen-year-old‘s hopes were crushed when the Cuban government refused to allow their entry.  Most of the refugees perished in the Holocaust when the ill-fated ship returned to Europe in June.  Fred was one of the few passengers who survived, as he was eventually able to immigrate to the United States.  Fred kept a diary of his journey, Riding the Storm Waves, published in 2009 (www.amazon.com).

Fred and his wife Lotte recently moved to Ring House.  The couple plans to attend a special brunch at on April 19 hosted by the Progress Club that celebrates the lives of all Holocaust survivors at Charles E. Smith Life Communities. Our campus is home to the largest number of survivors in the Washington metropolitan community, each with a unique and compelling story. The brunch provides an opportunity for survivors to share their experiences with guests of all ages in an informal setting.

Coincidentally, Fred Buff is not the only passenger from the S.S. St. Louis who now lives at Charles E. Smith Life Communities.  Henry Blumenstein was saved by a Dutch family who took him in after the ship was forced to return to Europe, hiding him on their farm for the duration of the war.


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