Noa West

Noa West

Making Beautiful Spaces

NoaWest.MuralStaff at the Hebrew Home's Wasserman residence relax in a special lounge that, prior to late March, needed, shall we say, an uplifting color boost. Enter Noa West, an enterprising, self-motivated Potomac high school sophomore, and the story has since changed.

VP of Planning and Business Development Beth DeLucenay introduced Noa to the Board of Governors at one of their meetings, giving Noa the opportunity to present some of her sketches for a striking floor-to-ceiling mural to transform and invigorate the appearance of the lounge. Her goal: create a fun and beautiful design, one that would light up the room and draw people in. A decision was reached to combine two unrelated images, an orchid tree and a peacock, into a single dramatic scene, using a bold, pleasing palette. 

Noa purchased the paints and enlisted six school friends to help her with the mural's complex execution over spring break. Her effort stemmed from a genuine passion to "make spaces beautiful" and, in so doing, bring happiness to the people who occupy them. Having participated on other mural projects, the Wasserman mural is the first one that she has personally directed. Going forward, Noa has plans to share her talents and inspiration with other organizations, giving a name to her budding enterprise: "The World is Our Canvas."

Noa's interest in doing something meaningful for Charles E. Smith Life Communities derives from a strong family dedication to our campus. Her grandfather, Ron West, was president of the Hebrew Home from 1997 to 1999 and also served as president of the Men's Club. He was a member of the Board of Directors for over 25 years and was honored with the Hymen Goldman Award in 1994. Noa's grandmother, Phyllis West, was deeply committed to the Women's Auxiliary. She and Ron together served as co-chairs of the Builders of the Future Society from 2002 to 2006 and were recipients of the Aunt Minnie Goldsmith Award in 2006. Noa's mother, Natalie West, is a past president of the Women's Auxiliary and received the 2012 Aunt Minnie Goldsmith Award. Noa's father, Eric West, served as co-chair of the Guardian Campaign Committee from 2004 to 2007. Natalie and Eric joined forces in 2011 to chair the annual Home Run. 


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