Meet Morris

Meet Morris

Meet Morris:
Professional Cattle Buyer

Differentiating between canner, cutter, choice and prime cattle and assessing the quality or desirability of a particular cow or bull is all part of day's work for a cattle buyer. This was the livelihood of Morris, who moved into the Hebrew Home's Wasserman Residence two years ago to be near family.

A typical week for Morris began by rising at 3 a.m. Monday in his New Jersey suburb, driving as far north as Toronto, attending one to two cattle auctions per day in a territory spanning the Northeast, and returning home Friday evening to enjoy the weekend with his wife and two children. Representing a Pennsylvania beef slaughterhouse, Morris was responsible for grading, selecting, bidding on, and finalizing transportation details for the cattle he purchased. It was a career he was born to follow; his father, a Latvian immigrant and former butcher with an appreciation for what constitutes a fine cut of meat, became a cattle buyer in America. 

Cattle was a profession for Morris, but sports was his passion. Morris played golf, racquetball, and basketball. He excelled at all three, something he notes with a humility instilled in him by a devoted mother who always said, "Morris, self-praise is a poor recommendation!" 

Today, Morris leads a leisurely existence at the Home, where he is very happy attending activities or contentedly putting up his feet, reading a good book, and listening to his favorite Barry Manilow CD.

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