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Who is on my care team, and when will I meet them?
During your first few days, each member of
your care team will meet with you. Several
assessments will be done during these first
days (usually within 72 hours) by nursing,
physical therapy, occupational therapy, social
worker, dietitian and recreation therapist.
They will review all of the medical information
that came with you to the Hebrew Home in
addition to conducting their own assessment.
This information will allow us to create a
personal care plan for you that addresses
your needs.
Post-Admission Conferences
Residents and their families are considered
part of the care team. You will have an
opportunity to ask questions and discuss
your care plan at a
(PAC). This 15-minute meeting
Charles E. Smith Life Communities
takes place about two weeks after you
arrive. If your family cannot attend at the
scheduled time, they can call into the room
at the time of the meeting to participate via
conference call, or they can call the social
worker afterwards for a synopsis.
Your social worker receives regular updates
on your care, and you can check with him
or her about a time to call for the most
recent “snapshot.”
What can I bring to my new home?
Furniture, artwork, plants, knick-knacks,
family photos and other meaningful
mementos are all welcome. If you like,
you can bring your own TV, radio, personal
computer or mini-fridge. Bring a two-week
supply of washable clothing that is easy to
care for, labeled with your name.
Ask your social worker or nurse manager
about bringing large items or anything that
might be considered flammable, and have
Engineering approve any electric appliances.
When can my friends and family visit?
Visiting hours are open. There are no
restricted hours or age limits. If your visitors
are here during a meal, they are welcome to
join you. Guest meal tickets can be pur-
chased at the front desk in the lobby.
If your visitors bring you a meal or snack,
we encourage these tastes of home. As we
are a kosher facility, we do ask that you and
your guests not use our dishes or utensils
for outside food, and that you enjoy these
treats in your room, not in the dining room.
You and
Your Family
• Physical
• Occupational
• Speech-Language
Social worker
Spiritual leader
• Nurse manager
• Charge nurse
• Medicine aide
• Geriatric nursing
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