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Your Guide for Residents & Families at the Hebrew Home
I’m here; what happens next?
The nursing assistant and charge nurse will
check you in. This includes taking your
vital signs, making you comfortable and
bringing you something to eat if you have
arrived at mealtime.
After you are settled, your charge nurse will
complete a comprehensive nursing exam
and, if you have arrived from the hospital,
go over the hospital discharge summary
with you and/or your family.
Next, the charge nurse will contact the
physician taking care of you here. All care
at the Hebrew Home is under the direction
of a physician, so the physician’s orders
encompass medications, diet, therapy and
other treatments.
After speaking with the physician, the
charge nurse will contact the pharmacy to
deliver your medication. In a skilled nurs-
ing facility like the Hebrew Home, even
over-the-counter medications require a
physician’s order. Please tell the nurse if
you regularly use over-the-counter remedies
for headache, heartburn or constipation.
Our staff physicians are each assigned to a
floor, unit or consistent group of beds so
that patterns of nursing and medical care
become familiar to all. The admitting physi-
cian will generally contact the person you
request or the responsible party.
Can I use medications or equipment from home or
another health care facility?
We are unable to use any medications,
including over-the- counter medications,
from outside. We will ask that any medica-
tions you have with you be sent home with
your family. For safety reasons, we will also
ask that any personal equipment such as
canes or walkers be sent home until you
have had a therapy assessment.
Where is my walker?
For safety’s sake, you must first have a
therapy assessment. You may be issued
equipment for your use here – a walker,
wheelchair, wheelchair cushion, cane, etc.
Until then, your nursing assistant will help
you. If you need a wheelchair, one will be
provided by nursing on the day of admission.
– W
oving to any new home is a big change, and you should expect to experi-
ence a period of adjustment as you get settled. Please feel free to contact
your nurse manager or social worker with any questions or concerns.
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