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Charles E. Smith Life Communities
Quick Guide for Families
about Communication
Your unit phone list will help you reach the staff immediately involved in your care. To reach the nursing stations:
1E 301.770.8383
2E 301.770.8390
2N 301.770.8414
2W 301.770.8416
2S 301.770.8392
3E 301.770.8394
3N 301.770.8418
4N 301.770.8422
3S 301.770.8396
4E 301.770.8402
4W 301.770.8424
5N 301.770.8426
4S 301.770.8404
5W 301.770.8428
How do I reach my mother?
See page 27 for instructions to arrange for telephone service. An answering machine
may also be helpful.
What if she doesn’t answer?
She may be attending a program, having a therapy session, visiting in the living room,
or napping. Try again in an hour, then contact the nursing station.
How can I reach the physician?
Physicians are regularly on the nursing units, but are typically rendering bedside care.
To leave a message for a physician, notify the nurse manager or leave a message at
Who do I ask about what, really?
See page 8 for examples of questions best directed to the nurse and to the doctor. If
your topic is not listed, speak with your social worker about the best person to contact.
Can I reach staff by e-mail?
Use the staff list posted on our website -- click on an underlined name to open an e-mail
message to that person. Find this list at Who We Are/Contact Us. Learn more about
online resources on page 36.
How can I participate in care
Plan to attend when you receive the meeting notice, or make arrangements with your
social worker for a conference call.
How do I make visits more pleasant?
See suggestions on page 37.
How do I commend staff who go
Fill out a Shining Star certificate, available at the nursing station or front desk, or write a
above and beyond?
letter to the CEO. It just takes a moment, and it does mean a lot.
How do I find out what’s going on?
Activity programs and other events are posted on our website, by the elevators, and on
the TV screens throughout the Home. In an emergency, instructions will flash on these
screens. Copies of the monthly calendar are delivered to residents’ rooms and are in the
lobby. You can even request it be sent directly to you by e-mail.
What is the best way to share
We are committed to quality care and wish to resolve any issues as promptly as possible.
a concern about care?
Speak first with your nurse manager or social worker. If it’s not resolved, the best
approach is to work your way up the ladder, speaking next with the assistant director of
nursing, then the director of nursing, or the department director if it is not a nursing issue.
How do I join the Family Council?
The Family Council is a group of family members of Hebrew Home residents. They
meet to promote the care and comfort of residents, exchange information, and promote
communication between families and the Home. More information is on the website.
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