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Charles E. Smith Life Communities
“stabbing,” “cramping,” “tingling,” “radiating,”
“searing.” Ask what activities should be
modified or avoided to reduce pain.
Asking questions
, if you do not understand
the treatment plans or what is expected
of you.
Being respectful, courteous and considerate
in speaking to residents and staff,
controlling noise, following no-smoking
policies, and respecting others’ privacy
and possessions.
Letting us know if there are issues
with your
care or if our services are not meeting
your expectations, so that we can work
to correct things. Your nurse manager is
resourceful and can resolve most issues
quickly. For most questions about care,
please contact your nurse manager first.
Letting us know what we are doing right.
Does the Home have an evacuation plan?
Nursing homes are required to have plans in
place to deal with the unlikely situation that
an area-wide emergency might require us to
evacuate our campus. Our plan is to evacu-
ate residents and caregivers to Capital
Camps in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania using
campus vehicles and contract buses, cabs
and ambulances. This site has ample living
and dining facilities, and our residents can
be safe there.
Not all residents would travel to Capital
Camps. Families will be notified via our
emergency alert system (see page 36) and
those who are more comfortable bringing
their loved ones to their homes will be
encouraged to do so. Residents who require a
clinical setting will be transferred to nearby
hospitals; if available, Montgomery County
Fire Rescue Services will transport these
We ask that families, legal representatives
and residents follow direction from staff,
understand in such a situation the needs of
many are being addressed, and that infor-
mation provided may change based upon
the nature of the emergency.
Did you know?
Residents’ rights, Jewish values, and a
century of experience all contribute to the
way we personalize care, respect individuals
and focus on quality. Our doors, phones
and e-mail are open to you – please keep
these lines of communication open, and
give us the opportunity to make things right
if you are ever disappointed in any way.
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