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A Guide for Residents & Families at the Hebrew Home
There are also many opportunities for
families to make donations that honor or
memorialize someone dear, to participate in
special events, from 10k races to luncheons,
and to consider a planned gift to help future
generations. Call the Development Office
to learn more, or check the
website at
. Click
on Support Us on the menu bar, or on the
Donate section of the home page.
How can we work together?
At Charles E. Smith Life Communities,
we want family members and residents
to be an important part of the care team.
We want to work in true partnership with
family members in developing and carrying
out the treatment plan to provide the best
possible care to your loved ones.
What can you expect of us?
Being treated with courtesy, respect
and dignity
Being greeted with a warm and friendly
Having the phone answered promptly,
with a greeting and name
Responding to your needs in a timely fashion
Being flexible to your preferences with getting
up, going to bed, taking a shower, etc.
Striving to do things right the first time
Always knocking on your door before
entering your room
Respecting your privacy and your rights
Being mindful of noise levels, especially
at night
Providing assistance opening doors, using
the elevator, getting around the building
Having your call light answered promptly
and courteously
Taking pride in our work and in the Home
What we can expect of you (residents
and family members) as members of
the care team:
Providing information
about your health,
unexpected changes in your condition,
and your preferences regarding care.
Following the agreed-upon care plan
prescribed treatment. Participating in
family conferences. We will make every
effort to adapt your care plan to your
specific needs, preferences and
Telling us anytime you experience pain
or discomfort
; be proactive, don’t wait
for your doctor or nurse to ask. Using
descriptive words can be helpful:
“aching,” “throbbing,” “dull,” “intense,”
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