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drill or other emergency, please follow the
direction of staff. Fire doors in the corridors
will close automatically.
It is not necessary to evacuate the building
during a drill. If you are in a resident room,
remain there until a staff member tells you
it is all clear. If you are not in a room, staff
will direct you. Please be patient – you
cannot use elevators, enter or leave the
building while the alarm is sounding.
How do I engage a private duty caregiver?
See page 23.
What are the core values that guide care at the
Hebrew Home?
The values of our tradition permeate our
residences and create a warm, respectful
environment. Our core values are:
Tikkun Olam
- Kindness, compassion,
- Justice
- Growth and learning
Derech Eretz
- Service excellence, respect
Community support
The Home is grateful for its wonderful
relationship with the community we have
served since 1910. Our Board of Governors
is comprised of leaders from the community
who volunteer their time.
We are fortunate to maintain a roster of
volunteers who enrich many areas of daily
life here. If you have time (just an hour a
week is enough) or talent to share, we
invite you to join our volunteers; call
3. Get shots to protect yourself from the
flu and other disease – even adults should
make sure vaccinations are current.
4. Cover your mouth and nose when you
sneeze or cough – germs can travel three
feet or more!
5. Wash your hands frequently – it’s so
important, we’ve put it on the list twice.
We have policies and procedures at the
Home to keep our residents well, and we
ask that you comply with any special
requests to avoid visiting or to avoid
traveling from unit to unit.
What should I do if I want to take my relative
out of the building?
We need to know if someone is leaving the
building. A sign-out book is at the nursing
station. If your relative is here under
insurance (Medicare, Kaiser, or other HMO),
there are restrictions on leaving the Home.
If that’s the case, check with your doctor to
determine if you are eligible for a pass for
therapeutic leave.
How do I join the Family Council?
We are partners in the care of your loved
one, and the Family Council helps staff and
families work together toward that goal.
Meeting dates are posted on flyers at the
front desks and on the flat-screen monitors.
Wow that’s loud - what do I do during a fire drill?
Our fire alarms blare loudly and flash lights
as well. Should the alarm sound while you
are visiting, stay calm – most likely, it is one
of our regular drills – and whether it is a
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