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A Guide for Residents & Families at the Hebrew Home
Especially for Families
Come often! Nothing can replace the love,
support and involvement of family and
friends. Families can help make the experience
here successful in many ways: by bringing
meaningful personal items to the Home, by
communicating with staff, and by encouraging
their family member to take advantage of the
many programs and amenities available.
Visitors are welcome at any time. There
are no set visiting hours, and children are
You will want to chat with staff as well as
with your relative, especially if your loved
one is impaired.
Please time visits to allow residents to
participate in scheduled therapies and
Please refrain from visiting if you are
not feeling well.
How do I make visits more pleasant?
Some suggestions are:
Look at photos or scrapbooks together.
Help with personal grooming, such as
a manicure, or mending clothes.
Ask for the resident’s opinion or advice.
Go outside together.
Bring in newspaper or magazine articles
to read out loud or discuss.
Bring playing cards, dominoes or other
games to play.
Assist with correspondence – help send
greeting cards to friends and relatives.
Bring grandchildren and great-grandchildren,
friends or pets (Please check with the
director of Recreation Therapy before
bringing dogs or cats to visit.)
Attend a recreation program or religious
service together.
Bring music to share.
Share your skills and talents – perhaps
play a musical instrument, or help lead
a program.
How can I help my relative – and other residents –
stay healthy?
Avoiding contagious diseases like the common
cold and the flu is important to everyone and
critical in a senior health care community.
Here are five easy things you can do:
1. Wash your hands frequently – wash with
soap and warm water, or use alcohol-
based sanitizers before and after visiting.
2. We know you feel a strong obligation to
visit, but if you are not feeling well,
please stay home and visit by telephone.
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