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Will I qualify for Medicaid?
, a State-administered program,
also called Medical Assistance, pays the
medical bills for certain low-income
individuals. If you have very limited
income and financial resources, you may be
interested in learning more about Medicaid.
If you will be applying for Medicaid, we
have Medicaid specialists in the Accounting
office to assist you; please call
for an appointment to discuss the application
Factors that determine if Medicaid will pay
for your care
If you are a U.S. citizen, a Maryland resident,
and at least 65 years old or disabled, your
eligibility is based on your income, your
resources (assets) and your need for the
health care services provided by a senior
health care facility.
To meet income criteria:
Your monthly
income (including wages, Social Security
benefits, pension and veteran’s benefits)
is less than the monthly cost of services.
To meet resources criteria:
Your resources
(including bank accounts, stocks, bonds,
trusts, annuities, property and life insur-
ance) cannot be worth more than $2,500.
You cannot exceed this limit, even by $1.
The Home has a fact sheet on Maryland
Medicaid that you may find helpful.
This fact sheet explains how income and
resources are treated differently when
you are married or single, what deductions
are made before calculating income and
resources, what you can do if your
resources are too high, how far back in time
Medicaid will “look back” at any transfers of
assets, and where to find more information
or legal help.
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