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You’ve made the important decision to come to the Hebrew Home of
Greater Washington. You are in good hands. Our 100+ years of
experience are imbued with the values of our tradition: care and
compassion, justice, growth and learning, and service excellence.
Think of this book as your personal “GPS” or navigational guide to
the Hebrew Home. It is filled with practical information on how to
access the many services, programs and amenities that are here for
you. The more you and your family know about the opportunities
and programs here, the better we are able to serve you.
At the suggestion of our Family Council, each section begins with a
helpful question-and-answer page that addresses frequently-asked questions. The guidebook is an
essential tool that can help you get settled as you arrive and serve as a useful resource throughout
your stay.
Every one of us is here to help you. We want you to feel that the Hebrew Home is your home, for
as long as you are here.
Warren R. Slavin
President/CEO, Charles E. Smith Life Communities
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