HH_GuideForFamilies_2012 - page 29

Your Guide for Residents & Families at the Hebrew Home
utensils from residents’ rooms.
Who puts laundry away?
Your geriatric nursing assistant will help
put clean laundry away. You are welcome
to label dresser drawers so that items are
placed where you want them to be.
How do I arrange for telephone, TV, or cable service?
On long-term care units, residents or their
families provide telephones and televisions.
All rooms have a telephone jack, a television
connection to the main Hebrew Home antenna,
and the ability to receive cable service.
To order phone service, call Verizon
You provide the phone.
To order cable service, please call
Comcast at
How often is my room cleaned?
What if I spill something?
Your room has been cleaned and disinfected
prior to your arrival, and will be cleaned
daily. The Environmental Services supervisor
can be reached at
301.770.8367 (SK)
301.770.8369 (W)
Who should dispose of old flowers and newspapers?
Remove eating utensils?
The housekeeper usually asks residents
for permission to discard old flowers,
newspapers and magazines, but some
residents are reluctant to dispose of these
items. If you feel that flowers or periodicals
are past their prime, speak with the nurse
manager. The nursing assistant should be
picking up dishes, drinking glasses and
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