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Environmental Services / Housekeeping (SK) 301.770.8367 (W) 301.770.8369
Director 301.770.8368
24-Hour Hotline for Maintenance,
Laundry, Housekeeping
Quick Guide for Families
about Troubleshooting
Tell unit secretary or call maintenance
Tell unit secretary or call maintenance
Tell unit secretary or call housekeeping
These are stored on your nursing wing, and any staff member can get them for you
Ask housekeeper
Therapy will provide appropriate equipment after your assessment
Ask maintenance or your unit secretary for assistance with repairs. If you are using
a Hebrew Home phone, did you dial 9 for an outside line?
(Have you pushed the TV button on your remote?)
Nursing can call maintenance to check on problems.
You or your family can do this, or maintenance will be happy to do this for you.
Maintenance must check anything electrical to be sure it meets fire code safety stan-
dards. Fire code does not permit irons, heating elements of any kind, heating pads or
electric blankets.
Tell your nursing assistant, who will ask Engineering to make routine adjustments.
If it is more than a wheelchair adjustment, nursing will ask OT/PT to evaluate seating
and positioning.
Let your charge nurse or house supervisor know immediately. They will notify maintenance.
Room is too hot or too cold
Light bulb needs replacing
Room needs dusting or sweeping
Need towels, extra pillow,
blanket, tissues or toiletries
Need toilet paper
Need a walker, cane, wheelchair
Phone is not working
TV /cable TV not working
Want to hang pictures, photos
Want to use my own electrical
Walker, wheelchair squeaks
or needs repair
Call button/call light not working
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