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Charles E. Smith Life Communities
All private caregivers must register with
Human Resources and obtain a Hebrew
Home ID badge. Unregistered aides will
not be admitted after 10 days.
Hiring private duty help will not reduce
your fee for care.
Hebrew Home staff may not be engaged
as private caregivers at the Home.
Recreation Programs
You may take advantage of our extensive
schedule of art, music, discussions, games,
movies and other programs. Visitors are
welcome to join you. Program schedules
are distributed to each resident’s room. A
program schedule is available in the lobby,
on your unit and online at
home.org. (Click on the Family page.) If
you need assistance getting to a program,
please tell your nursing staff or recreation
staff, or call
Religious Services & Spiritual Care
We strive to meet the individual spiritual
needs of all residents. A full-time rabbi
is on staff.
Daily services take place in the
Wasserman synagogue at 9:30 a.m.
and 3:30 p.m.
Shabbat and Jewish holiday services take
place in the social halls of both buildings.
Families and friends are welcome to
attend services with you.
Shabbat and Jewish festival services are
also broadcast on our closed-circuit TV,
channel 975.
We celebrate Jewish holidays throughout
the year, including Passover Seders and
Chanukah menorah lightings.
Monthly non-denominational Christian
services, including Christmas and Easter
services, also take place at the Home, and
Communion is offered to Catholic residents.
Please let your social worker or our rabbi
know if you wish to see clergy of your faith.
The rabbi or on-call chaplain is on site
everyday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., except
Sunday. The rabbi’s telephone is
; the department pager is
Shabbat Candles
If you would like to light Shabbat candles in
your room, fire safety considerations do not
permit open flames, but your recreation
therapist can provide electric candlesticks.
See “Your Room,” page 27.
Volunteer Services
Our wonderful volunteers can visit you,
help you get to religious services, the beauty
salon and around the building, assist you in
using computers, or help you enjoy our gar-
dens in nice weather. Volunteers also manage
flower orders and play a helpful role as
patient sevice representatives. Contact the
Volunteer office at
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