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up a personal Internet account with
Free Wi-Fi is offered as a courtesy, and
the Hebrew Home is not responsible for
any loss of data, damage or liability that
may occur from its use.
Dental Services
A group of Maryland-licensed dentists
volunteer to provide a wide range of services
in the Home’s two fully equipped dental clin-
ics. They provide cleanings, oral evaluations,
fillings, extractions, x-rays, treatment for oral
concerns such as periodontal services, root
canals, and denture fabrication and adjust-
ment. The fee is a nominal $80 per visit.
Please inform your charge nurse if you wish
to visit the dentist here, or call
Fresh Flowers
Our Volunteer Department delivers flowers
to residents. Four weeks of flowers costs
$30; flowers are delivered to resident rooms
on Thursdays. Special occasion arrange-
ments can be ordered for $25. Find order
forms at
, or
online at
Housekeeping Services
Your room will be cleaned daily. The
Environmental Services supervisor can
be reached at
301.770.8367 (SK)
301.770.8369 (W)
The Hebrew Home will wash your personal
laundry at no extra charge. To make the
best use of this free service:
Please be sure all items are labeled.
Laundry staff can come to your room
to label clothes.
Bring only cotton, cotton/polyester
and wash-and-wear garments. Please
understand that our large machines are
not kind to buttons, zippers, snaps or
finer fabrics.
Do not send hand washables, dry clean-
ing, silk or wool garments, or items that
cannot go in a high-heat dryer (120ºF).
Have a two-week supply of clothing on
hand as laundry may take about a week
to come back to your room.
Your geriatric nursing assistant will help
put your clean laundry away. You and
your family are welcome to label dresser
drawers so that items are placed where
you want them to be.
There are other options for laundry.
Families may take your laundry home,
or wash and dry your clothing here while
visiting. Coin-operated machines are on the
third, fourth and fifth floors in Wasserman,
and on the second, third and fourth floors
in Smith-Kogod. (Please bring detergent
and quarters.)
We provide fresh towels daily, and bed
linens are changed twice a week, or more
often if needed. We wash 2.5 million
pounds of sheets, towels and clothing in
a year in our in-house laundry facility on
the lower level of the Wasserman Residence.
To inquire about missing items, call the
laundry at
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