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Charles E. Smith Life Communities
Your unit phone list will help you reach the staff immediately involved in your care.
(SK) 301.770.8367
(W) 301.770.8369
Director 301.770.8368
Recreation Therapy
Volunteer Director
Quick Guide for Families
about Services & Amenities
Look for program notices posted by the elevators, in the lobbies, and on the flat-screen
monitors throughout the building. The monthly schedule is online at
You may attend any program you are interested in. If you need help getting there, let
the nurse or recreation staff know or call
Volunteers deliver Flowers for Shabbat and special occasions. You can find the order
form online.
If the Home will be laundering the resident’s clothing, items should be labeled.
You can reach Laundry at
The Home has computer stations for resident use. To access these computers,
residents may ask the recreation therapist, social worker or volunteer director for
the password.
We also offer complimentary Wi-Fi hot spots as a free amenity for residents and for
their visitors in the Conservatory, Rutstein Wi-Fi Café, and resident rooms. The Hebrew
Home limits Wi-Fi misuse and blocks inappropriate Internet access. Residents who
wish to have unlimited Internet access or secure access should set up a personal
Internet account with Comcast.
Current hours of service and fees are posted in the beauty salons. Details on how to
make appointments, pay for services and purchase gift certificates will be included in
your move-in packet and at
The bank is open in the afternoon, usually 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. in SK and 3 to 4 p.m. in
Wasserman. The best time to reach the banker at
is in the mornings.
Find out about activity programs?
Order flowers?
Ask about missing clothing?
Access e-mail or Internet?
Help my relative use the
beauty salon?
Access the Home’s bank?
How do I
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