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Who Do I Ask?
Your unit phone list will help you reach the staff immediately involved in your care. You can reach the directors
of departments by e-mail or at:
Clinical Nutrition Manager
Recreation Therapy Director
Medical Office
Rehabilitation Therapy Services
Nursing, Assistant Director
Social Work Director
Nursing, Director
Therapy Director
Quick Guide for Families
about Care Team Roles
• A change in your relative’s condition
• Nursing treatments
• Medications ordered to be given as needed • Results of lab tests
• Bathing preferences
• Getting a question to the physician
• Day-to-day dressing, bathing, toileting, eating
• Getting settled
• Feelings of sadness or anger
• Family support
• Obtaining a phone list for my unit
• Post-Admission Conference (PAC)
• Resident care conferences
• Family Council meetings
• Recommendations for services needed
following discharge (for rehab patients)
• Medical issues
• Referrals to medical specialists
• Orders for therapy services
• Diet modifications
• Food preferences and food allergies
• Hydration
• Weight change
• Nutritional advice
• Gastrointestinal or elimination problems
• Motor skills such as walking, climbing stairs • Safe transfers from bed, chair or toilet
• Using walkers, canes, wheelchairs
• Seating and positioning evaluations for
• Improving strength, balance, range of motion wheelchairs
• Decreasing pain
• Skills for life tasks and self-sufficiency
• Increasing strength and endurance
such as cooking, dressing, brushing hair,
• Using adaptive equipment such as
reachers or long-handled shoehorns
• Protecting muscles and joints
• Evaluations to assess safety at home
• Skills for language and communication
• Improving accurate speech
• Improving comprehension and cognition • Chewing, swallowing and eating safely
• Getting resident involved in activities
• Jewish practices
• Visits with clergy of your faith
Nurse Manager or Charge Nurse
Nursing is the cornerstone of
your care, so most questions
can be asked here first.
Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA)
Social Worker
Registered Dietitian
Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech-Language Pathologist
Recreation Therapist
To ask about
Speak with
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