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Your unit phone list will help you reach the staff immediately involved in your care.
To reach the directors of departments, call:
Food Service Director
(W) 301.816.7745
(SK) 301.770.8345
Clinical Nutrition Manager
Quick Guide for Families
about Dining Services
Guest meal tickets are available at the front desk of Wasserman or Smith-Kogod.
The family member and resident may want to move to another table to eat together;
please let the charge nurse know ahead of time if you can so that seating can be
arranged for you.
Families and friends are welcome to bring in food from outside, and this food need
not be kosher. Please enjoy it in the resident’s room or in our gardens. We ask you
to please ensure dishes, trays and utensils from the Home’s kosher kitchens never
come into contact with outside food, and that you honor the common areas of the
Home as kosher.
Reserve a room for a few or a crowd at
Arrange food service at
When you place your order, be sure to tell them the resident’s name and room number.
Authorize both the food cost and gratuity on your charge. The front desk operator will
call the nursing unit when the delivery arrives. If you are not visiting, staff will come to
the lobby to pick it up.
On long-term care units, you can bring in a mini-fridge for your resident’s room.
Outside food cannot be placed in the unit refrigerator as this conflicts with
You can bring a cake or treats, but not into the resident dining room.
Speak with the Food Service Director, or with a
(kosher food supervisor).
Join my father for a meal
Bring in food from home
or a restaurant
Plan a party for Mom or Dad’s
birthday or other special occasion
Order carryout
Store food brought from outside
in the unit refrigerator
Bring a cake or treat for my
mother’s tablemates to share
Find out more about kosher food
I’d like to
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