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Charles E. Smith Life Communities
Director of nursing
– has administrative
responsibility for the nursing department.
In addition, our staff includes specialists in
infection control, quality and compliance
issues, and clinical education and training.
You can find a directory of staff on our
website, and the telephone operator can also
assist you.
How do the caregivers on my team communicate
with one another?
The Hebrew Home has an electronic medical
record system which allows all disciplines to
document and share information; all clinicians
record their findings and care plans for each
resident here. On long-stay units, regular
rounds bring the members of the interdisci-
plinary team, including the physician,
together as a group to see residents and
share perceptions of care.
How often will I have a shower?
Please let your nurse manager or charge
nurse know what your personal preferences
are regarding bathing – how frequently,
what time of day – and we’ll do our best to
accommodate you. Washing hair is part of
the shower or bath, or you can choose to
have shampoos in the salon. In the absence
of any instructions, residents usually receive
a bath, in-bed bath or shower twice a week.
How can my social worker help?
Your social worker will help you to settle in.
She is here to offer support both to you and
to your family. Your social worker is your
advocate and can help if you experience
feelings of sadness or anger as a result of
your move.
If you have a question and the nurse
manager is not here, please ask for the
charge nurse or house supervisor.
Charge nurse
– follows orders for nursing
treatments, administers some medications,
and directly supervises nursing assistants.
The charge nurse will contact you or your
family with lab and test results and notify
you if there are orders for new treatments.
A charge nurse is on duty on every unit
on every shift.
Geriatric nursing assistants
– are
specially trained and certified to help with
bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring
and eating. Whenever possible, each
nursing assistant has an assigned group
of residents to care for regularly and is
able to become familiar with personal
preferences and habits.
Medicine aide
-- gives medications
(insulin and certain controlled medications
are given by a licensed nurse).
If you have a concern about care, the best
approach is to work your way up the ladder:
Nurse manager
– should be your first
point of contact. If he or she is not here,
ask for the house supervisor.
House supervisor
– is a registered nurse
who is in charge of nursing services for
the entire building during the evening
and night shifts on weekdays and
throughout the weekend.
Assistant director of nursing
– oversees
nursing. The assistant director of nursing
or the director of nursing is on call every
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