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Your Guide for Residents & Families at the Hebrew Home
or physician if you feel you need more
frequent visits. Dental care is also available,
see p. 22.
Who is in charge of my nursing unit?
What’s the difference between a nurse manager
and a charge nurse?
Almost half of all staff are part of the nursing
department, so sometimes it can be confusing
to know who to approach. A licensed nurse
is always on duty. Staff assignments are
written on a whiteboard in each room, so
you will always know who is on duty. The
nursing staff on your unit includes:
Nurse manager
– is a licensed nurse who
has overall responsibility for your unit
and supervises the charge nurses. Nurse
managers generally work Monday through
Friday from about 7 or 8 a.m. until about
4 to 4:30 p.m., and sometimes later.
If you are a Medicaid resident and if you
visit a specialist who accepts Medicaid,
Medicaid will pay for wheelchair van
transportation, but you must obtain
authorization prior to your appointment.
Ask your unit secretary.
We encourage you to have a family member
or private aide accompany you to outside
medical appointments. Home Care
Solutions, a joint project of the Hebrew
Home and Augustine Home Health Care,
is one option for engaging an aide; call
Before your appointment, inform the
nurses’ station of the date, time and type
of appointment.
Remember to let us know when you leave
and expect to return, and take the Hebrew
Home consult sheet for the outside physi-
cian to provide recommendations to your
Hebrew Home treating physicians.
Can I bring in medicines from home, from another
pharmacy or from the hospital?
Please tell your doctor about the meds you
take routinely. Medications dispensed in a
skilled nursing residence like the Hebrew
Home must comply with a host of Federal
and State regulations regarding prescription
renewals, packaging, dispensing and record-
keeping. All of these safeguards make it
impractical to use drugs from elsewhere,
except in unusual circumstances.
Can I take a load off my feet – and see a podiatrist?
A podiatrist is on staff, and regular check-ups
will be scheduled. Ask your nurse manager
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