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In addition, we offer appointments in
podiatry, dentistry, optometry and many
medical specialties right here at the
Home. Hebrew Home physicians and staff
refer you to these clinics as appropriate.
If the family feels a specialty clinic
appointment is indicated, please commu-
nicate your request to your physician or
nurse manager. That way, we can assess
the request, order any preliminary data,
and properly refer the patient.
A nurse practitioner may play a role in
your care.
Can I continue to use my family physician?
While community physicians are not
discouraged from following their patients,
the involvement required may be more
than they expect. The physician will need
to obtain privileges by application. Your
physician needs to be available to respond
to you, sometimes in person. This can be
difficult for a physician with a busy practice.
The community physician also needs to
arrange for on-call coverage when he/she
is not available. It may be more practical to
have the staff physicians follow you.
What happens if I have a managed care health plan?
If you have Medicare with a managed care
plan as supplementary coverage, our
Hebrew Home staff physicians can care for
you here, except for Kaiser Plan residents.
For those residents, a trip to their Kaiser
PCP office will be necessary for care. The
managed care team, in consultation with the
Home’s team, determines specialty care
Who notifies me of test results, or results
of a doctor’s examination?
The charge nurse contacts the resident
and family about lab test results and new
treatments that have been ordered.
How do I arrange for an appointment with
an outside doctor?
Residents sometimes wish to continue seeing
medical specialists in the community. You
and your family are responsible for making
the arrangements.
For most residents, a wheelchair-accessible
taxi may be the least expensive option.
Your unit secretary can provide a list of
transportation providers. Most insurance
plans, including Medicare, do not cover
routine transportation.
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