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presence provides an opportunity for
nurse managers to present questions you
may have between regular monthly visits.
Our full-time, Hebrew Home staff physi-
cians all have a special passion for caring
for the older patient. They are board-
certified in Geriatrics, Internal Medicine
and/or Family Practice. You can reach them
through the medical office at
or ask your nurse manager to pass your
message to the doctor.
How often will the doctor see me?
Hebrew Home physicians see long-term
residents once a month on rounds and
more frequently as needed, for example,
if there is a change in condition or follow-
ing a visit to the emergency room. If fami-
ly members wish to be present at rounds,
they should confirm the rounding sched-
ule with the unit nurse manager.
Staff physicians are on site daily and on
each assigned unit weekly. This regular
About Your Care:
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