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Charles E. Smith Life Communities
Quick Guide for Families
about Nursing, Medical and Rehabilitative Care
There is always a licensed nurse on duty. A charge nurse is on duty on every unit on
every shift. Each building also has a house supervisor who covers the whole building,
3 to 11 p.m. and 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. weekdays and throughout the weekend. If you don’t
see them, call the operator to assist you.
While staff cannot leave their assignments, we do offer personal assistance through
Home Care Solutions,
Speak with the charge nurse or nurse manager to help us understand your relative’s
bathing habits, and to learn what might make your relative feel more at ease.
Everyone’s a specialist: nursing assistants trim fingernails; the podiatrist takes
care of toenails.
This is a question for the doctor since all therapy requires a physician’s order.
Home Care Solutions is one resource. See page 23.
Understandably, it can be distressing to hear someone calling out repeatedly. Some
residents will do this, even though they have just been attended to. If you truly feel a
resident needs attention, please speak with someone at the nursing desk.
We are all here to help you, and you can ask any of us for assistance. Since each aide
has an assigned group of residents to care for, it is usually best to ask the person who
is most familiar with the particular resident’s likes and dislikes. Assignments are posted
on the whiteboard at the nursing station.
It is often easiest to speak with the nurse manager first. The nurse may be able to
answer a question from you or your family, or ask the physician during weekly rounds.
The nurse can also relay a request for a call or meeting with the doctor. Messages for
the doctor may also be left at
or at the nursing station. For urgent con-
cerns, it is still best to contact the nurse manager or unit secretary, who will know how
to reach the regular or covering physician.
As staff members are not permitted to accept gifts or gratuities, your kind words are
the best way to express your appreciation. Shining Star certificates are available on
your unit and at the front desk in the lobby. Contributing to the Holiday Gift Fund is
also a way to show your appreciation.
We are committed to quality care and wish to resolve any issues as promptly as possible.
Speak first with your nurse manager or case manager. If it’s not resolved, the best
approach is to work your way up the ladder, speaking with the house supervisor, the
assistant director of nursing, then the director of nursing, or the department director if it
is not a nursing issue. On weekends, ask the front desk to contact the house supervisor.
The nurse manager is not here
when I visit?
I’d like someone to accompany
my mother to an outside doctor’s
My relative resists bathing?
My resident’s nails need trimming?
I think rehab therapy would help?
I’d like to arrange for private
duty care?
I hear a resident calling out
for help?
I see staff who seem to be free;
can I ask them to help me?
I have a question for the doctor?
I want to show my appreciation?
I have a concern about care?
Who should I speak to if Solution
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